Plan your visit


On your own, with the family or in a group , we can cater for your visit!

Unaccompanied visit – discover the museum collections at your own pace

Guided tours – (reservation necessary) benefit from information the guide can give you to make the collections more meaningful, on an exclusive tour or in a group the visit is adapted to your needs.

Conference tour : take 1h30 to explore the subject of your choice :

> Champollion and Egypt
> The origins of writing
> Masterpieces of the museum
> From letter to word, – the revolution of the alphabet
> Temporary exhibition – according to the subject

Presto tour – a 55 minute introduction to the museum.
Guided tours are available in French, English, Spanish, Occitan, Chinese and Japanese.

To help you make the most of your visit, whether on your own or with a group, information is available throughout the museum:

Museum plan : (free of charge) situate the entire collections at a glance
Available in French, English and Spanish

Museum booklet : on loan free of charge for non French speakers.
Available in English, German, Dutch, Greek, and Spanish.

Audio guide : (charge 3€) a commentary of the major works in the collections.
Available at the front desk in French, English, German, and Spanish.

Touch pads : with text in brail, embossed maps and casts illustrate the collections in each room for the visually impaired visitor.

Museum letter : a publication, free of charge, giving information about the latest developments in the collections.

Activity booklets :  for children aged 5 – 12 a fun way to explore the museum’s collections (price from 0.50€ to 1.50€)

The museum also invites you to come for special events throughout the year

Fête de le Musique, Nuit des Musées, Journées Européennes du Patrimoine, exhibitions, evening gatherings, reading sessions and training courses are some of the ways of getting the feel of the museum.

The Educational department has specific activities for the young visitor.